My clairvoyance has a very broad field of work and can be used on large, complex questions as well as down-to-earth everyday things. Limitations are few.

  • We can go into deep personal feelings, economy, relations or health.
  • We can look at concrete tings like the purchase of a house or a lost item.

It is important to keep in mind that clairvoyance is about interpretation. I often see pictures, hear sounds, sense smells or feelings, and my description will be my interpretation of what I see or feel. Of course these processes may lead to inaccuracies, and I may be wrong. And even if I think I can se the outcome of something, it may be difficult to place the outcome in time and space.

The more information I have about an individual, a process or a problem that I am to look at, the better it is. Often it will not be necessary to have much information, however, it can be of help.