Ethical guidelines

  • My customers’ information is 100% safe with me and will never be passed on or made public. I fully respect all individuals regardless of their situation at a given time or place.
  • I never diagnose.
  • I never speak directly of third parties brought into the conversation. They will have to contact me themselves. I can, however, speak about your relations to other people and matters concerning these relations.
  • I will never tell you things that may become problematic unless you yourself have brought up the topic. I do not answer fundamental questions, meaning questions that may change the fundament of you life. My answers will always to a certain extent be an interpretation, and I therefore will not answer that type of questions.
  • I do not take any responsibility for choices made or actions taken after consulting with me.
  • Some people need other kinds of support than I can give and should consider contacting a doctor, a psychiatrist or others with that kind of competence. In cases like this I do tell it to my client, and I consider it my right to stop any consultation at a given time. Such a situation does not automatically entitle the customer to a refund.
  • Everybody contacting a clairvoyant should reflect carefully upon the information they get and maybe keep it as sort of “secret information”. This information will always be an interpretation of a given problem or situation, and clairvoyant people may be wrong in the same way as other people.